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CCC - Feel Good

We all have bad days. Sometimes they last a little too long. With the super fast lives we are all living in a highly competitive world, there are times when we feel lost, unhappy and bad about ourselves. CCC's Feel Good initiative is an initiative which focuses on mental health and well being. We all need to vent out whatever is within us but we are hesitant in opening to our peers about it. We feel we'll be judged or people wouldn't understand what we are going through or we are simply too shy to speak up about it. We at The CandyCall Store believe that the mental well being of each of our community member is extremely important. We...

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CCC - Candy Call Community

We time and again felt that our society needs a strong female community, where women support one another, work with one another, interact with one another and most importantly empower one another. We believe that when women support other women, wonderful things happen. So we thought why don't we only take the first step. The Candy Call Community, also known as the CCC is an initiative by The CandyCall Store to get together all lovely ladies out there to contribute substantially in their own lives as well as other lives. It's not a serious community where we inject deadly feminism in each other. Its a fun, mega babe community where we continuously focus on being awesome, supporting one another, being...

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Hello WORLD!

The CandyCall Store is not just a brand, it's a journey, it's fun, it's struggle, it's life. Started as a one woman army this little home grown brand started with Sukriti's undying love for beautiful stationery and merchandise. This segment, untouched in India, till about a few years back had just 2-3 stores selling out yummy stuff but at super high prices. Being a college student with not much dough in the pocket she decided to make some of her own. She designed around 30 notebooks and sold them to her buddies in college. That's where it all started. Started exhibiting at college events, festive events etc and it was beautiful. There were highs and lows, where she felt she...

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