CCC - Candy Call Community

We time and again felt that our society needs a strong female community, where women support one another, work with one another, interact with one another and most importantly empower one another. We believe that when women support other women, wonderful things happen. So we thought why don't we only take the first step.

The Candy Call Community, also known as the CCC is an initiative by The CandyCall Store to get together all lovely ladies out there to contribute substantially in their own lives as well as other lives. It's not a serious community where we inject deadly feminism in each other. Its a fun, mega babe community where we continuously focus on being awesome, supporting one another, being badass, being bold and being free of hatred. 

We want to make our brand not just a platform where we sell our own products but a platform where we encourage fellow brands, budding entrepreneurs and support community business. It's always more fun to rise together. We believe that hate sucks. We believe that it's amaze to share happy times and success with everyone around us.

This community is an interactive community, where we have super fun events for our babes, we have interesting blogs and promotions about other awesome sauce brands, where we talk about latest trends, some interesting DIY tricks and hacks. It's like a fun online cafe, where you can shop, you can read, you can learn and just simply have a blast.

We are really looking forward to share more of our fun ideas with you. Hope to get some love back from you because we totally love you!


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