Hello WORLD!

The CandyCall Store is not just a brand, it's a journey, it's fun, it's struggle, it's life. Started as a one woman army this little home grown brand started with Sukriti's undying love for beautiful stationery and merchandise. This segment, untouched in India, till about a few years back had just 2-3 stores selling out yummy stuff but at super high prices.

Being a college student with not much dough in the pocket she decided to make some of her own. She designed around 30 notebooks and sold them to her buddies in college. That's where it all started. Started exhibiting at college events, festive events etc and it was beautiful. There were highs and lows, where she felt she couldn't do it, where she felt it's not her thing, but somehow she just kept going. Sukriti tried out many different things in 4 years, but this little brand was one thing constant in her life. That's when she made up her mind.

She found her direction. This is what she always wanted. This is what she was meant for. She decided to make this brand a mix of all things gorgeous. All things that she ever wanted to do. All things she ever wanted to create. 

We are sure, that this is not just her story. Every hardcore babe has her own beautiful story to tell. This is exactly what we are - a mega babe community. TCCS is more than a platform for quirky products, we believe in Babe Power. We believe that we run the world. We believe that we can make wonderful things happen. So we believe in being beautiful, wearing beautiful and using beautiful because we deserve nothing but the best.
We would love to introduce you to our founder : SUKRITI BAJAJ, 25

And OH! We are so obsessed with RAINBOWS right now!

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